Saturday, February 18, 2017

Witches in Ravenwood has been expanded extensively....

I expanded Witches in Ravenwood extensively and it's up at all your favorite online stores:)

When Morgan came out of her room, she put on her heavy sweater and headed for the front door. Opening the door, she stepped outside and started to shut the door behind her when she spotted a long-haired black cat across the yard. She stared at it. She couldn’t help it. It was just a cat, but suddenly she felt a pang of excitement race through her. How odd. Poking her head back in the house, she yelled at Claire. “Hey, have you noticed a cat hanging around?”
Claire was still in the kitchen, and she appeared at the door a minute later as Morgan continued to stare at the cat. “Yeah, I’ve seen him a few times over the months,” she said.
Frowning, Morgan shook her head, glancing at her sister, now. “Why haven’t I noticed him before?”
Claire shrugged, grinning at her. “Maybe you’ve had your mind too tied up with a different male,” she said. She laughed now as Morgan glared at her and went back to the kitchen.
Frowning, again, Morgan walked past the cat on her way out the smaller wrought iron gate. The cat sat there, staring at her with his yellow eyes, as she walked away. Intrigued by something she couldn’t name, she kept glancing back at him, as she walked until she couldn’t see him anymore.

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